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Allistor just wants to restore the human race. He’s doing his best with the resources he’s gathered to locate other survivors around the world and unite them. His intentions are good, and he pushes hard. The drake eggs are hatching, and his people have dreams of both a murder chicken cavalry and a drake-mounted air force. A small army of class trainers are helping to make his citizens stronger than ever, better able to survive the hazards of their new reality.

But fate, and the aliens who keep throwing stronger and more deadly challenges at him, are working against Allistor. The threat of vengeance from the Fomorian Matron, the machinations of Loki and Hel, and the jealousy of a fellow human with a lesser noble title, all add to the pressure.

When seeming good fortune turns to tragic loss, Allistor must push through and remain strong in order to face the very beings responsible for the apocalypse on earth. The murderers of humanity.

And in this confrontation, even victory has dire consequences.

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