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The Mars Series

Mars System Reboot

Late 21st century Earth is overcrowded, her natural resources dwindling rapidly. World governments and greedy mega corporations are forced to work together toward a solution.

A crew of ten humans are sent to Mars aboard Hyperion I to locate a suitable site and establish the first colony. After a months-long flight to the red planet, just as they are about to descend to the surface, problems arise. A careless accident kills a crew member, damages the ship, forcing the others to launch early. And that's just the beginning of their troubles.

On day one they learn that magic is real, and that the planet, in fact the entire galaxy, is governed by a complicated and merciless System. Their assimilation into the System makes them enemies of the paranoid powers that be on Earth, and they find themselves cut off. No communications with family, no resupply, they're on their own on a mostly dead world.

And nearly every form of life they do encounter is out to kill them.

Join Commander Fletcher and her crew as they struggle to survive a new world with new but familiar rules.

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