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Maximilian Storm has embraced his new life as a Battleborne. Reincarnated on a strange world in a powerful chimera body, he has gathered friends, made enemies, and developed wondrous new magical and physical abilities. He’s even discovered that a couple of his men, Smitty and Dylan, have chosen to join him on this world.

Max is on a mission to secure and expand his newly conquered kingdom, Stormhaven. But War Chief An’zalor wants his mine back. When he sends a small army of orcs to capture it, Max’s party, along with his dwarven and orc allies, must help him defend his new territory.

An epic quest is discovered, sending Max and his core party into the wilds to track down and retrieve a powerful artifact. New friends are discovered, and new challenges met along the way. When Max ventures off on his own, he discovers a lost territory, and an ancient dwarven secret that may change the lives of everyone. A secret that might also end his own life, and his reign.

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