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A simple farm boy in a mundane medieval world, turned soldier after his home and family are destroyed. Mere steps from achieving his vengeance after years of fighting, a lucky sword strike ends his life.

His soul transferred against his will by one of the gods to another medieval world, one filled with magic, monsters, and races out of his childhood fairy tales. Our farm boy is now a Contender! Brought to Midgard to fight and kill other Contenders, to grow strong enough to ascend and become a Champion.

The magic is wondrous, and he’s excited about becoming a mage. But he’s had enough fighting, and feels no obligation to kill for the unknown gods of Midgard. Instead, he seeks to grow stronger by completing quests, killing forest beasts and monsters. And he must get stronger, as everyone from his internal guide, to the citizens he meets, warn him that should other Contenders find him, they will try to kill him.

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